Original art purchases you can feel good about

All of our artworks are originals, oil on canvas, and purchased directly from Guatemalan artists. Profits are donated to the nonprofit From Houses to Homes, working to eradicate poverty in Guatemala. This venture is also minority and woman-owned.

Our Story

We aim to buy art directly from Guatemalan artists to provide them with steady business and form lasting connections. We then resell this art in the U.S. to spread awareness and appreciation for Guatemalan culture and artists. Profits from this venture are donated to the nonprofit From Houses to Homes. This organization provides free healthcare, education, and housing to low-income Guatemalans.

Arte con Impacto was founded by Anna Manocha during her junior year at UNC Chapel Hill. During March 2020, Anna travelled to Guatemala to build a home with the From Houses to Homes club at UNC. In her free time, Anna visited local markets and found that many artists do not receive the majority of profits from the sale of their artwork. Artists sell their work to middlemen to avoid barriers such as market fees, transportation, etc. Anna received the Eve Carson Scholarship and used this funding to return to Guatemala in March 2021 to buy art directly from Guatemalan artists and help them reap the benefits of their work. The profits from the resale of our pieces are donated to the organization From Houses to Homes. Consider making a purchase to support both Guatemalan artists and the nonprofit From Houses to Homes!

Meet our artists and vendors
  • Carolina Lopez-

    "I bought a small painting, which was affordable and looks amazing in my home. I loved the detail on this piece!"

  • Wid Alsadoon-

    "I absolutely loved the piece I purchased and it felt great to support Guatemalan artists and the non-profit From Houses to Homes."