Finding the Perfect Painting in Antigua

Finding the Perfect Painting in Antigua

"I spent some time exploring Antigua's various art markets and street vendors before figuring out where to buy the best art directly from artists themselves. During my time in Guatemala over various visits, I have found that indoor markets such as Nim Po’t, Mercado del Carmen, etc. offer high-quality pieces. However, these markets usually take a large portion of the sales price cutting into the artists' profits. The Artisan Market in the central plaza of Antigua is one of the only indoor markets with low stall fees, access to tourists, and artists who are able to sell their own work. I also found many talented artists who sold their work near Antigua's largest tourist attractions such as the Iglesia de La Merced, Arco de Santa Catalina, etc., including Carlos who is pictured here holding one of his amazing pieces. The quality of these oil on canvas pieces is evident through the incredible amount of detail, raised surfaces, proper perspective, and simply watching artists show off their painting skills on the streets of Antigua."

- Anna Manocha, Founder of Arte con Impacto

Image: Carlos Pérez (read more about Carlos on our artists' page)

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